Do You Need Emergency Tree Care?

Do You Need Emergency Tree Care?

Call To The Top Tree Service today

When strong storms blow through, they can leave a mess behind. Even sturdy trees can suffer from broken branches when powerful winds arise. The next time your yard is left in disarray after a storm, contact To The Top Tree Service for:

  • Storm clean up
  • Branch removal
  • Tree removal

For quick and effective tree removal — especially when a tree has fallen on your home or over your driveway — trust us to take care of it. You don’t want to wait to remove a tree that is leaning dangerously after a storm. Call us for emergency tree removal at 610-568-8576.

We’ll diagnose sick trees

For any other tree emergency, our certified arborist will come to your property and inspect any sick trees or plants. We can advise you on whether they need to be removed to make sure that no other trees are affected.